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Design Hub Barcelona (DHUB) showcased the prototypes produced during the sg2010 workshop. The exhibtion, curated by Jonathan Rabagliati ran from 15 December 2010 till February 27 2011 and focused on the work of five clusters: Design to destruction, Curved Folding, Snap Fit, push on, Explicit Bricks and Non-Linear Systems Biology & Design.


This was part of a larger year long exhibition focused on fabrication and digital manufacturing curated by Marta Male-Alemany.


Exhibition webpage


Working Prototypes

The working prototypes exhibited result from the dialogue between digital and physical, analogue and virtual as an iterative process of designing, fabricating, testing, evaluating and progressively refining designs.


Remarkably  the work is the outcome of just four days of design and collaboration, sparking material stress, physical thinking and mental gymnastics. Laptops jockeyed for space with sketch prototypes as the language of conversation traded with the language of code. Digital design was liberated from the hard drive, as digital fabrication emerged as a site for creativity and resolution.



Ongoing Research

Leaving behind the vast industrial space at IAAC where the workshop was help to enter the while walled exhibition spaces of DHUB allowed the work to reconsidered afresh and a chance to show ongoing research. The catenary arch that developed in Explict Bricks cluster was result of development at ETH after the sg2010 workshop where the initial prototype was developed. It is also a wonderful nod to the work of Axel Kilian.


A short video of each cluster also brought the energy of the sgworkshop into the gallery space and gave viewers the chance to see more of the process.


Lectures and workshops
Xavier de Kestellier & Jonathan Rabagliati, opened the exhibition giving a lecture as a dialogue on the work of smartgeometry and the sg2010 workshop at IAAC.


There was also a series of DHUB Sessions by Andrea Kondziela of Explicit Bricks cluster  & ETH Zurich, Sam Joyce, Design to Destruction Cluster, Engineer at Buro Happold and Greggory Epps of Robofold, and Curved Folding cluster. These ran alongside successful workshops by Gregory Epps of Robofold and Sam Joyce.


Lecture Details



Organization & production: Design Hub Barcelona DHUB

Curator: Jonathan Rabagliati

Content Coordinator: Carlos Ipser

Exhibition Co-ordinator: Àngela Cuenca

Exhibition design: Jordi Torres

Graphic design: Francesco Vedovato

Videos: ON i ON communicación

Texts: Jonathan Rabagliati

Translation: Glòria Bohigas, Graham Thomson

Installation of the exhibition: Jordi Ballester

Special thanks to: Marta Malé-Alemany


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