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An intense, exhausting, invigorating, and inspiring week, sg2011 brought together a global community of innovators and pioneers in the fields of architecture, design, and engineering for a six remarkable days of experimentation, discussion, collaborative research and networking in Copenhagen, Denmark, 28th March – 2nd April 2011.


The event came in two parts, a Workshop (28th-31st March) and a public conference beginning with Talkshop and Workshop Exhibition (1 April), and a public Symposium and Reception (2 April). This event follows the format of the highly successful preceeding event sg2010 Barcelona.


Building the Invisible

Vast streams of data offer a rich resource for designers. User data, energy calculations, embedded sensing, material and structural simulation allows design to be situated and responsive.

As digital designers our challenge is in harnessing the power of computation to assist us in informing our design process. Computers help us collect, manage and analyse the environment and inform us about an abundance of data. Our challenge is to use these inputs in a meaningful way to help us make better informed design decisions.


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The SG workshop is a unique creative cauldron attracting attendees from across the world of academia, professional practice as well as many of the brightest students. The workshop is open to 100 applicants who come together for four intensive days of design and collaboration.


The annual workshop is organised around Clusters. Clusters are hubs of expertise comprising of people, knowledge, tools, materials and machines. The Clusters provide a focus for workshop participants working together, within a common framework.


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After four intense days of innovative work, TalkShop offers an opportunity for critical reflection on what has been accomplished in the workshop. Talkshop will be an opportunity to open debates, pose questions, challenge orthodoxies, and propose new ideas.


TalkShop will feature informal and open discussions between cluster participants, leading practitioners and emerging talents in digital design, offering inside perspectives on how the landscape of computational design is reshaping built form in response to data flows and interactive feedback systems.


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Following on the theme of this year's Challenge, Building the Invisible, invited keynote speakers will showcase major projects around the globe that exemplify the ways real-world data informs design. The Symposium is a unique opportunity to hear insights into the challenges ahead for the discipline.

Speakers include: Ben van Berkel (UN Studio), Usman Haque (Haque Design + Research), Billie Faircloth (KieranTimberlake), Craig Schwitter (Buro Happold + Adaptive Building Initiative), Lisa Amini (IBM Smarter Cities Lab), and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (CITA)


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