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BLOCK is a workshop designed to explore the contradiction behind the city growth. By developing a video-game format, we will allow multiple players to adopt different roles in the process of modelling the growth of the city.

The ultimate output of the workshop is the ‘BLOCK’ game developed in the game engine Unity3D. The game will be developed using a voxel strategy, allowing different blocks to represent different programs or uses. Multiple players will be able to interact in a turn by turn format to model the growth of a city block. Each player will adopt a different ‘persona’ representing the different agencies and controversies of the city. While some players will score by developing commercial units, others will score by maintaining quality of life. The opposing criteria allows to speculate on the possibility of an optimum strategy and tactics that could allow for both competition and cooperation.



Jose Sanchez is an Architect, Programmer, and Game Designer based in Los Angeles, California. He is partner at Bloom Games, start-up built upon the BLOOM project, winner of the WONDER SERIES hosted by the City of London for the London 2012 Olympics. He is the Director of the Plethora Project (, a research and learning project investing in the future of on-line open-source knowledge. The project has over 150 videos and an open-source library of code with over 700.000 completed video sessions since 2011. Today, he is an Assistant Professor at USC School of Architecture in Los Angeles. His research ‘Gamescapes’, explores generative interfaces in the form of video games, speculating in modes of intelligence augmentation, combinatorics and open systems as a design medium.

Plethora Project


Satoru Sugihara is a principal and founder at the computational design firm ATLV founded in 2012. Prior to his firm, he worked at Morphosis as a computational designer, at DR_D and Greg Lynn FORM as an architectural designer, and at IMRF in Tokyo as a researcher in media art. He is a faculty at SCI-Arc teaching computational design seminars. He taught computational design at the University of British Columbia, Paris-Malaquais, Woodbury University and Tokyo University of the Arts.



Sergio Irigoyen is an architect and CG artist. His main interest is the relationship between architecture and video games. For the past 4 years he has been working in London as CG artist and developer specialised in realtime visualization and interactive media. Before this, he worked 4 years as an architect and urban designer in Spain. He currently works as a freelance for Neutral Digital, where he has worked on projects for Zaha Hadid,Herzog & De Meuron, David Chiperfield, OMA and others and also on several projects for Panasonic Avionics developing interactive media and 3D animation.


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