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Robotic Foaming

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Robotic FOAMing: Self-Supporting Filamentous Foam Structures, will explore robotics as a design interface for a non-linear fabrication process, operating in a new way between traditional representation, digital modeling and fabrication.

By utilizing precisely controlled methods of robotic fabrication, it is possible to expand the field of physical experimentation in real-time. This potential will be explored through research and experimentation integrating the highly precise nature of robotic systems, with the loose, unpredictable properties of expandable 'soft' filamentous materials. Through robotic-controlled fabrication, lightweight composite materials can be quickly and efficiently configured into porous and filamentous structures with a variety of properties, depending on precise values only achieved through this type of highly measured fabrication. Through this process, a spectrum of material transitions including elasticity, density, structural fitness, rigidity and plasticity can be explored in a previously assumed homogenous material. This research will examine the means by which this evolving realm of robotic fabrication can exploit a 'soft' material through non-linear execution, phase change in material through time-based manipulation, and the transformation from the homogenous to the heterogenous.

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Marjan Colletti is an Architect, educator, researcher, author, and Co-founder of marcosandmarjan (with Marcos Cruz). Senior Lecturer at the Bartlett UCL and University Professor at Innsbruck University – elected Head of the Institute of Experimental Architecture. Previously guest professor in the US, UK and EU. Workshops at École Spéciale d'Architecture Paris, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, School of Architecture Oslo, Tonghai University and Feng Chia University Taichung Taiwan. Invited expert/peer reviewer/board member of RobArch2012, ICESEP China, Ministry of Education Russia, Canada Foundation for Innovation, American University of Sharjah UAE, Queen's University Belfast, Journal of Cultural Economy, Taylor and Francis, Ashgate Publishing, Initiative Architektur Salzburg.


Georg Grasser studied architecture at the University of Innsbruck (A), Ecole d’Architecture de Paris la Villette (F), Vienna University of Technology (A) and holds a Postgraduate Degree in architecture, specialization in computer aided architectural design from the ETH Zurich (CH). He was teaching seminars and workshops in Kosovo and Taiwan and worked for various architectural offices in Austria, France and China. Since 2009 he has been teaching and researching parametric modelling, script-based design processes and computational fabrication strategies at the Department for Experimental Architecture.Hochbau at the TU Innsbruck (AT). He is currently co-running the university‘s brand new robotic laboratory.


Kadri Tamre is an architect, currently working as a Teaching and Research Associate at the Institute for Experimental Architecture.Hochbau at the University of Innsbruck. She holds a Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Applied Arts Vienna (A) and has working experience from architectural practices in Austria, Estonia, Spain and China, receiving several awards and scholarships. She has been teaching design specific parametric modelling workshops in the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (D), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HU) and Southeast University in Nanjing (CN). She is currently co-running the university’s brand new robotic laboratory.

Edward DeMauro

Allison Weiler is currently working as a Teaching and Research Associate at the Institute for Experimental Architecture: Hochbau, at the University of Innsbruck. Her past work has focused on the development of realizable complex building prototypes through the integration of parametric tools with building modeling and documentation platforms. She has taught and held workshops in the US and Austria focusing in script-based design processes, BIM Integration in parametric design processes, and visualization techniques. She graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, and holds a Master’s degree in Architecture.


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