Projections of Reality

Projections of Reality

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Projections of reality will engage in augmenting design processes involving physical models with real time spatial analysis.

The cluster will explore techniques of real time spatial analysis of architectural and urban design models: how physical models can be augmented with real-time 3D capture and analysis, enabling the architect to interact with the physical model whilst obtaining feedback from a computational analysis. We will investigate possible workflows that close the cycle of designing and model making, analysing the design and feeding results back into the design cycle by projecting them back onto the physical model.

On a technical level, we are addressing the challenge of dealing with complex, unstructured data from real time scanning, e.g. a point cloud, which needs processing before it can be used in urban analysis. We will investigate strategies to extract information of the urban form targeted for design processes, using real time scanning devices (Microsoft Kinect, hand held laser scanners, etc.), open source 3D reconstruction software (reconstructMeQT) and post-processing of the input through parametric modelling (e.g. Processing, Rhino scripting, Generative Components).

The goal of the workshop will be to create a working prototype of a physical urban model that is augmented with real- time analysis. We will work with the cluster participants to formulate a design concept of the prototype and to break down the challenge into individual modules, e.g. analysing and cleaning the geometry, algorithms for real time analysis, projecting imagery onto the physical model.

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Projections of reality sma head bw large

Dr. Stefan Muller Arisona is a computer scientist and artist with main interests at the intersections of science, art and technology. He is a Principal Investigator at ETH Zurich’s Future Cities Laboratory and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His research focuses on interactive and generative design tools, on computer-assisted techniques for architectural and urban modelling, and on real-time multimedia systems. He is co-author of the CityEngine. Stefan received his PhD from the University of Zurich in 2004, and was a post-doctoral fellow at ETH Zurich (2005 – 2007) and UC Santa Barbara (2007 – 2008). As an artist, DJ, and VJ, he has performed internationally and his artworks have appeared worldwide at renowned venues such as London’s Notting Hill Arts Club or the Ars Electronica Center in Linz.

Projections of reality large eva.friedrich

Eva Friedrich is an architect from Germany with a special interest in urban economics and urban morphology, digital analysis and design techniques. She is a researcher at the ETH Zurich's Future Cities Laboratory. Before coming to the ETH, she worked at the architectural firm Foster+Partners, London, UK, as part of the urban design team. She was involved in developing novel simulation solutions to model key indicators related to urban economics, urban accessibility and pedestrian forecasting as an input to design projects. From 2005 to 2010, she worked at Space Syntax Ltd, based in London. She became head of research and development in 2009. She was leading on the research of new design, analysis and visualization methodologies applied to space syntax practice.


Projections of reality Bruno Moser

Bruno Moser is an Architect and Urban Designer, trained at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Zurich and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). After completing his MSc he continued research at the LSE. Projects include the international conference series ‘Urban Age’ and ‘The Endless City’ as well as research for the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale. He joined Foster + Partners in 2007 and is now heading the Urban Design Group, a interdisciplinary team of experts, working on urban design schemes around the world.


Projections of reality nuessen

Dominik Nuessen trained as an architect in Germany. He is working as part of the Complex Geometry Group at Herzog and De Meuron. He specialised in parametric modelling and the analysis of complex geometry. Since 2010 he is teaching rhinoscript and grasshopper at the ETH Zurich and the FH Muenster to Bachelor and Master students. He also held a research assistant position working along PhD candidates in the fields of urban visualisation, complex geometry modelling and scripting.

Projections of reality treyer

Lukas Treyer studied architecture at ETH Zurich. He is researching and teaching at the ETH Zurich, department Information Architecture. He is managing the Value Lab, a research and teaching facility equipped with high resolution screens and interactive tables. Lucas is interested in improving the usability of tools at the Chair for Information Architecture as well as in urban and architectural planning. Using the Value Lab as a test case, it involves productivity tools on the web as well as research on new interface technologies. He also works on integrating graphical syntax of architects and urban planners within the interaction of simulation tools of the simulation platform for urban planning.
As a former student assistant at ETH he gathered a lot of experience in terms of web interfaces and other interface technologies. He recently was involved in an installation in Baden that featured projected visual illusion on a building in real scale - a cooperation between ETH Zürich, Information Architecture and Stadtfest Baden.



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