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Digital Intuition & Prediction is rooted in the belief that we can augment intuition by enabling prediction via computation, this notion carries the implied question of the current and future state of design computation.

This quest will happen along an agenda for the workshop that spans design generation, analysis, optimization, and systems design aiming at improving the conventional workflows, namely form-finding, parametrics and BIM.

Starting from a design context of a complexity that is either undrawable or unsolvable by parametrics, novel and specific descriptive systems must be found. Secondly, the design will be evaluated by building a custom analysis system or linking to existing frameworks / solvers. Thirdly, in the optimization phase we explore heuristics, AI, and simulation methods to balance equilibrium between desires and affordances. By this time we will have built a system that describes, evaluates and optimises the design context. Lastly, in the systems-design phase we interrogate this set-up by testing it for sensitivity and robustness, and conclude on its ability to augment intuition.

We invite participants to reflect on the notion of systemic uncertainty and construct innovative design systems. The aim of the cluster is to create an environment where peers from academia and practice with advanced computation capability would take on the challenge of envisioning a digital design computation of the future. The design context will be handed out prior to the workshop which will provide a framework for the research exploration. There is a minimum requirement that participants have some understanding of the C# programming language.

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Digital Intuition  Prediction MircoBecker

Mirco Becker is the founder of informance, a Berlin based design-integration consultancy for the building industry. A particular interest in computational geometry in architecture has been pursued before with Foster & Partners SMG and KPF’s Computational Geometry Group which he lead for 5 years. He is also experienced in overseeing large project teams, most recently with Zaha Hadid Architects. Mirco is a Guest Professor for Architecture and Performative Design at the Staedelschool Architecture Class, Frankfurt. Previous academic positions have been with the AA and as a Guest Professor for Digital Design Methods at Kassel University. Since 2006 he is involved with Smartgeometry as participant, tutor and visitor.

Digital Intuition  Prediction StylianosDritsas

Stylianos Dristas is Assistant Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design in the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Prior to that he was an Associate Principal at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in London. He has been a member of Smart Geometry since 2006 and tutored workshops at Cambridge, New York and Munich. He taught at the Architectural Association in London, UK and Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is a registered Architect, ARB and Architect/Engineer, TEE.

Digital Intuition  Prediction david-kosdruy

David Kosdruy works as a Computational Design Architect for HOK London and as a firm-wide Computational Design Expert for the HOK global office network. As such, he has been responsible for some award winning projects like the Marina Mall in Doha and is leading the firm-wide integration of Computational Design with BIM. His works have received several awards including the Pininfarina Design Award. Previously David was a member of the Computational Geometry Group at KPF and worked on projects like the Abu Dhabi Airport and the Pinnacle London. He has lead design scripting workshops across Europe and has participated in Smart Geometry events since 2008 as a speaker and tutor.

Digital Intuition  Prediction Juan E Subercaseaux


Subercaseaux is based in Chile where he founded SAW-Architecture Technologies doing work in computational design for renowned local architecture firms. Additionally he holds the position of Studio Master at PUC’s Complex Projects MArch. Between 2006 and 2011 Juan was part of the Computational Geometry Group at KPF, where he was eventually promoted to Associate Principal. During his time in the UK Juan was constantly involved in academia, teaching in the AA from 2006 to 2009 in diploma and postgraduate schools. Additionally he participated in several computational events across Europe, such as SG 2010. Juan holds degrees in both Industrial Design and Architecture (AA EMtech-dist).


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