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Computer Vision and Freeform Construction will explore the disruptive capabilities of computer vision techniques in the field of complex-shape thin-vault realization.

The proposed cluster seeks to explore and demonstrate practical use of off-the-shelf hardware and robust computer vision algorithms in the realm of free-form masonry construction.

Our proposal builds upon the renewed interest on tile vaults and their singular features to withstand complex freeform shapes that modern analysis techniques have made feasible. Tile vault particular construction process requires, in essence, no formwork at all, but a guidance mechanism has to be provided, even in the simplest arrangement. Laying out a freeform surface often requires an even more complicated guiding set up that deals not only with the intrinsic complexity of the shape but also with the always uncertain boundary conditions we find in pre-existing buildings.

The cluster will use inexpensive, commercial devices like webcams, smartphones and Kinect sensors together with free and open-source libraries to execute several tests of collaboratively designed vaults. It will focus on understanding the basics of masonry structure stability and computer vision fundamentals, then deploying a workflow that includes parametric modeling, construction planning and physical layout of the vault.

More info can be found here (EN) and here (ES)

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Computer Vision  Freeform Construction JGM BW

Julián García, Ph.D. is an Historian and Construction Engineer at Madrid Tech. Julián has a comprehensive vision of tile-vaulting. He has worked in the field of tile-vaulting for many years and is a always looking for ways of using modern technologies for this ancient technique. Julián earned a PhD from Madrid Technical University -where he currently teaches construction technology- with a thesis on tile-vault construction. He has developed masonry construction workshops in Spain and under cooperation programs in India and will assist in the execution part of the process, providing training, input and insights to help participants design and realize stable and fine vaults.

Computer Vision  Freeform Construction JMP BW

Juan Manuel Pérez is in charge of the technological infrastructure and all the code behind the magic at Modelical. Juan earned a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering from Cartagena Tech in 2009. After that he worked in several R&D projects dealing with genetic algorithms, UMTS/GSM deployment, wireless sensor networks and RFID. Juan Manuel has lectured at IE University and he will lead the technical aspects of the cluster dealing with computer vision and data exchange between applications.

Computer Vision  Freeform Construction RME BW

Roberto Molinos is an Architect and holds a Master in Structural Design from Madrid Tech. He is Director at Modelical, an advanced geometry and Building Information Modeling practice. Roberto teaches Architectural Geomety at IE University and is the coordinator of Algomad, a Spanish workshop that seeks to spread the use of computational tools in architectural design. A SG alumni – 2008, 2009 and 2010, Roberto loves working at the intersection of computation, construction and design with a strong focus on feasibility and economics. Roberto has led workshops in computational design and generative modeling in several universities in Spain and also at the Royal College of Art London. He will lead and coordinate the cluster and make sure goals are met. @robertomolinos


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