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(A)Synchronous Streams aims to develop alternative systems for urban site analysis which extend the act of collecting data about a location by utilizing low-cost helium balloons and UAV-based sensor networks operating from the ground level up to several hundred meters into the air.

Throughout the cluster working phase, an air sensor network will be created which provides a continuous data stream of 3D geolocated point cloud information as well as related ambient sensor data which is not typically visible to our naked eye. The diverging data sets shall be reconstructed live in order to generate new means of site interpretation and iterative potential for intervention. This emphasis on data collection, interpretation, and manipulation is a direct reaction to the perceived risk posed by a 'limited' and uncertain understanding of site, in which designers react predominantly to existing physical features, and culturally based design goals. The conceptual depth of the 'conventional' site visit is called into question. Alternative methods for site recognition form the context of this exercise, extending beyond the role of understanding into projective spatial design. Emphasis will be focused on applications which simultaneously serve to represent the data we will be gathering as well as provide design tools to study possible application.

The cluster content has since been included in the peer-reviewed paper 'Ambient Terrain' at the eCAADe 2013 conference in Delft, NL.


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ASynchronous Streams Luis Edgardo Fraguada

Luis E. Fraguada investigates critical issues in architecture, design, and urbanism through various modes, including associative design, scripting, and fabrication. Luis has taught computational design workshops and university courses in fifteen countries including the Urban Feeds in the 2011 Smart Geometry Conference. Luis has taught at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia since 2008. Professionally, Luis joined Built By Associative Data as an associate and the Research Director of the Barcelona office in 2010 and is focused on creating tools, processes, and metrics to enhance the computational capabilities of the team while broadening the design space where projects are conceived. Recently, Luis began Robots In Gastronomy, a group investigating the impact of personal robotics in gastronomy.


ASynchronous Streams James Melsom

James Melsom has worked since 2007 in teaching and research at the Institute Landscape Architecture chaired by Professor Christophe Girot at the ETH-Zurich. He leads the Landscape Visualization and Modeling Lab (LVML), focused on the digital simulation and design of landscape processes and environmental impact, and teaches landscape design at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. James completed Architecture at UWA in 2001, and MAS Landscape Architecture, ETH Zürich in 2005. Parallel to his academic work he is involved in conferences, invited design workshops, and also works as a Landscape Architect (BSLA) in collaborations throughout Europe and Asia.


ASynchronous Streams Felipe Pecegueiro do Amaral Curado

Felipe Pecegueiro do Amaral Curado Master in Advanced Architecture by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya, Felipe is interested in the development of new technologies within the architecture field. With a major in digital fabrication he engaged with electronics and robotics focused in the development of personal fabrication machines and sensor nodes. Felipe taught computational design workshops in different countries, including the Urban Feeds in the 2011 Smart Geometry. He practices architecture since 2004 and in 2011 he joined an architectural office in Basel, Switzerland. In his practice, Felipe is interested in the role and flow of information in the conception of buildings of high architectural standard.


ASynchronous Streams_Alexandre Dubor Alexandre Dubor From internet to 6axis Robot, Alxandre Dubor is an architect researcher hacking new technologies in an attempt to reinvent how we build and live in our cities. He is currently assistant instructor in Digital Fabrication and Digital Tectonics class for a post-graduate master at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC), meanwhile working at Fab Lab Barcelona and Appareil. His previous work includes collaborations with Studio Daniel Libeskind, Atenastudio, Donati and associés and AREP; teaching experience at UTS and TU Delft; and lecture at TU Vienna and FAUP-Porto. His current research includes and


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