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sg2013 Workshop

The sg2013 Workshop is a response to the challenge Constructing for Uncertainty. As designers, we must deal with realities and future uncertainties of context, material and immaterial, and their manifestations in scale from spaces to buildings to cities. Constructing for Uncertainty will transition computational design from the hard space of the ideal to the soft reality of an uncertain built environment.

The Smartgeometry Workshop is a unique creative cauldron attracting attendees from across the world of academia, professional practice and industry. The workshop is open to 100 people who come together for four intensive days of design and collaboration. All applications are peer reviewed.

Applications closed February 10th.

Workshop Schedule + Details

sg2012 Cluster Bio-responsive Building Envelopes


The sg2013 Workshop will be organised around Clusters. Clusters are hubs of expertise. They comprise of people, knowledge, tools, materials and machines. The Clusters provide a focus for workshop participants working together within a common framework.

Clusters provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, processes and techniques and act as a catalyst for design resolution. The sg2013 Workshop is made up of ten Clusters that respond in diverse ways to the challenge 'Constructing for Uncertainty'.

ASynchronous Streams-icon   Adaptive Structural Skins-icon Computer Vision-icon  Digital Intuition-icon  PAD-icon 
(A)Synchronous Streams Adaptive Structural Skins Computer Vision & Freeform Construction Digital Intuition & Prediction PAD
Luis E Fraguada, James Melsom & Felipe Pecegueiro Daniel Bosia, Gregory Epps & Daniel Piker

Roberto Molinos, Juan Manuel Perez & Julian Garcia

Mirco Becker, Stylianos Dristas, David Kosdruy & Juan Subercaseaux

Henrik Malm & John Stack Ross

Projections of Reality-icon Robotic FOAMing-icon Thermal Reticulations-icon Transformational Strategies-icon Volatile Territories-icon
Projections of Reality Robotic FOAMing Thermal Reticulations Transformational Strategies Volatile Territories

Dr Stefan Muller Arisona, Eva Friedrich, Bruno Moser, Dominik Nuessen & Lukas Treyer

Marjan Colletti, Georg Grasser, Kadri Tamre, Renate Weissenbock & Allison Weiler

Alexander Pena de Leon, Jane Burry, Kamil Sharaidin & Mark Burry

Benamy Turkienicz, Volker Mueller & Tiemen Strobbe

Bruce Davison, Dave Reeves & Elizabeth Tweedale

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Workshop Fees

Full Fee = £725

Reduced Fee = £375 (Academics & Young Practitioners)

Scholarship Fee = £150 (Students Only)

Fees include attendance to the 4-day Workshop, 2-day conference, and various evening events.

Applications closed February 10th.


The Bartlett / UCL

Our host for sg2013 is The Bartlett / UCL in London, UK.

The Bartlett is a world-leading multidisciplinary education and research institution for the built environment. Eight sections cover the full spectrum of built environment domains, including architecture, complex built environment systems, construction and project management, development planning, energy, town planning, space and spatial analysis, and sustainable resources.



Day One Registration for the Workshop will take place from 9am - 10am:

Bartlett School of Architecture

University College London

Royal Ear Hospital

21 Capper Street (Corner Capper & Huntley Streets)

London WC1E 6AP

United Kingdom

You will need your Smartgeometry ID Badge, received at Registration, to access all venues.


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