sg2013 Symposium  Saturday 20 April 2013

Following this year's challenge, sg2013 Constructing for Uncertainty, invited keynote speakers will showcase major projects that explore the range of ways uncertainty (physical, social, environmental, economic) informs design. This second day of the conference, the Symposium, is a unique opportunity to hear insights into the challenges ahead for the discipline.

Interwoven throughout the day will be reports and highlights from each workshop cluster, giving those in attendance an opportunity to view work created during the previous four days of intensive design and development.


Water Cube

Keynote Speaker   Tristram Carfrae

Arup   Structural Engineer, Arup Board Director

"In my career, I've been fortunate to help design a wonderful collection of award winning buildings, including the National Aquatics Center (Watercube) in Beijing collaborating with some of the world's greatest architects along the way.

I believe that good buildings should consume less materials, energy, time and money while also being beautiful and genuinely useful for society. I also believe in continually examining and challenging the accepted way of doing things in order to come to the best solution."

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Perception Experiment

Keynote Speaker   Michelle Addington

Hines Professor of Sustainable Architectural Design at Yale University

Michelle Addington, the Hines Professor of Sustainable Architectural Design at Yale University, is an internationally recognized expert on smart materials, advanced technologies, environmental systems and energy. She leads numerous collaborative research projects at Yale including the Intelligent Building Project, the Advanced Lighting Technology Lab, and the Urbanization and Climate Change Initiative.

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Sarah Jane Pell

Keynote Speaker   Sarah Jane Pell

Artist & Researcher

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is an artist, researcher and commercial diver with a passion for live art, exploration and human movement in space and underwater. She is currently CoChair European Space Agency Topical Team Art & Science; Visiting Researcher, RMIT University Exertion Games Lab & AEGIS Research Cluster; a fully-qualified ADAS Commercial Diver and space-art astronaut hopeful. Dr. Pell is a TED Fellow.

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Keynote Speaker   Ben Cerveny

Data Visualization Designer

Massively Multiparticipant Adaptive Systems - How will we plan, design, use, and reuse space in an era of pervasive social computing? Parametric design tools are already 'sculptures in possibility space'. What happens when architecture and urban infrastructure become dynamically reconfigurable 'services' that are also such sculptures of possibility? How will inhabitants understand and perform these systems together?

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ASynchronous Streams-icon   Adaptive Structural Skins-icon Computer Vision-icon  Digital Intuition-icon  PAD-icon 
(A)Synchronous Streams Adaptive Structural Skins Computer Vision & Freeform Construction Digital Intuition & Prediction PAD
Luis E Fraguada, James Melsom & Felipe Pecegueiro Daniel Bosia, Gregory Epps & Daniel Piker

Roberto Molinos, Juan Manuel Perez & Julian Garcia

Mirco Becker, Stylianos Dristas, David Kosdruy & Juan Subercaseaux

Henrik Malm & John Stack Ross

Projections of Reality-icon Robotic FOAMing-icon Thermal Reticulations-icon Transformational Strategies-icon Volatile Territories-icon
Projections of Reality Robotic FOAMing Thermal Reticulations Transformational Strategies Volatile Territories

Dr Stefan Muller Arisona, Eva Friedrich, Bruno Moser, Dominik Nuessen & Lukas Treyer

Marjan Colletti, Georg Grasser, Kadri Tamre, Renate Weissenbock & Allison Weiler

Alexander Pena de Leon, Jane Burry, Kamil Sharaidin & Mark Burry

Benamy Turkienicz, Volker Mueller & Tiemen Strobbe

Bruce Davison, Dave Reeves & Elizabeth Tweedale



This year's 2-day Conference will take place at:

Institute of Education

Logan Hall

20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

United Kingdom

You will need your Smartgeometry ID Badge, received at Registration, to access all venues.


sg2013 Reception

Following the second day of the Conference, everyone is invited to the sg2013 Reception for drinks and appetizers.  It is a perfect place to meet those involved in the workshop, Workshop Cluster Champions, and conference speakers to continue the discussion.

You will need your Smartgeometry ID Badge, received at Registration, to access all venues.


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