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Smartgeometry is pleased to announce that sg2013 will be at The Bartlett / UCL, London, UK from 15-20 April 2013. The Workshop and Conference will be a gathering of the global community of innovators and pioneers in the fields of architecture, design and engineering.

The event will be in two parts, a four day Workshop 15-18 April, and a public conference beginning with Talkshop 19 April, followed by a Symposium 20 April. The event follows the format of the highly successful preceding events sg2010 Barcelonasg2011 Copenhagen, and sg2012 Troy.

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Constructing for Uncertainty

Design and construction, increasingly more information-centric, simultaneously has to deal with issues of computational ambiguity. As designers, we must deal with the realities of our context, both material and immaterial, and how it manifests from the micro to macro scale in spaces, buildings and cities.

sg2013 Constructing for Uncertainty will transition computational design from the hard space of the ideal to the soft reality of an uncertain built environment.

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The SG Workshop is a unique creative cauldron attracting attendees from across the world of academia, professional practice as well as many of the brightest students. The Workshop is open to 100 applicants who come together for four intensive days of design and collaboration.

The annual Workshop is organised around Clusters. Clusters are hubs of expertise comprising of people, knowledge, tools, materials and machines. The Clusters provide a focus for Workshop participants working together, within a common framework.

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Talkshop   Conference Day One

After four intense days of innovative work, the first day of the conference, the Talkshop, offers an opportunity for critical reflection on what has been accomplished in the Workshop. Talkshop will be an opportunity to open debates, pose questions, challenge orthodoxies, and propose new ideas.

Talkshop will feature informal and open discussions between Cluster participants, leading practitioners and emerging talents in digital design, offering inside perspectives on how the landscape of computational design is reshaping built form.

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sg2012 Symposium

Symposium   Conference Day Two

The second day of the conference, the Symposium, will feature invited keynote speakers showcasing major projects and research from around the globe that mark out the territory of the year's Challenge. The Symposium is a unique opportunity to hear insights into the challenges ahead for the discipline.

Interwoven throughout the day will be reports and highlights from each Workshop Cluster, giving an opportunity to view work created during the previous four days of intensive collaboration, design and development.

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