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sg2012 troy - Microsynergetics
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  • Water and person weight controlled kinetic architectural installation, called Transformacer p02, from Dr. Axel Ritter, Germany (2007-2014).
364 days ago
Axel Ritter added 1 new photos in GRAVITIES album
  • ArtAhr 2014 - Axel Ritter - Installation - DSCF4853
GRAVITIES - innovative weight-controlled kinetic structures
364 days ago
Axel Ritter added 2 new photos in my books! album
  • OND-00000-0000169_Cover_B
  • 51vhOAUMlzL
I am author respectively co-author of the following books! smart materials in architecture, interior architecture and design - Birkhäuser (2006)
364 days ago
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364 days ago

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